Donations are deeply appreciated to continue offering our support to the community.

Monetary Donations

Use our DonorBox to donate with a credit card!

Don’t have a credit card? Monetary donations can also be sent via EMT to:

We also accept cheque donations sent to:
PO Box 36180
5675 Spring Garden Road
Halifax Nova Scotia B3J 3S9

If you make a donation, or have made a donation in the past, we would love for you to fill out the google form below so we can keep you updated on the impact you have made. Click here!


We are looking for the community to support us with lunches and suppers for our residents. If you would like to sign up to make a meal for our folks please use the sign up sheets below:

click here for Dartmouth sign up

click here for Halifax sign up

Physical Donations

You can drop off your donation at any time, and at either of our locations. Our locations are 7 Church Street in Dartmouth, and 5580 Cogswell in Halifax.


If you would like to donate something or have any questions about donations in Halifax, please contact Halifax’s Household Coordinator, Libby, by emailing her at, or calling 902-789-3713.

If you are on your way with a donation to the Halifax site, please give us a heads-up at 902-830-4821.


If you would like to donate something or have any questions about donations in Dartmouth, please contact Dartmouth’s Household Coordinator, Alyson, by emailing them at, or calling 902-789-7866.

If you are on your way with a donation to the Dartmouth site, please give us a heads-up at 782-640-1134.

Visit our Amazon wish lists for our most needed items and to have your donation shipped right to our doorstep!

Halifax Wish List

Dartmouth Wish List

Please note: at this time, due to capacity issues, we are temporarily not accepting most clothing donations at either of our sites! Please see below for a list of items we are accepting.

Please keep an eye on our Instagram page for call-outs for specific clothing items.

We are so grateful for all of your generosity. As we are a supportive housing community, we have some specific needs outlined below:

Non-Food Items:

Bus Tickets
New Underwear & Socks
Radios/Clock Radios
Working Cell Phones 
Charging Cords
Single Bed Size Sheet Sets
Medium Weight Blankets
Bath Towels
Working Mini-Fridges

New Personal Care Items:

Hair Elastics
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

Food Items (Nut Free):

Canned Goods
Baking Ingredients
Juice Boxes
Baked Goods
Frozen Casseroles

Outreach Supplies (These items are given to our outreach worker for folks sleeping outside)

Small First Aid Kits
“Gore-Tex” Gloves (Waterproof) 
Menstrual Products
Power Banks

If you have something you think we may need, please call or email Libby or Alyson directly!

Thank you to our partners and community of supporters and donors.

We couldn’t do this without you.