Holiday Donations

Thank you so much for choosing to support us over the holidays.  Non-profit organizations like us typically get the majority of their monetary and physical donations at the holidays and use it to keep us going throughout the year.

Donations are deeply appreciated to continue offering our support to the community.

Monetary Donations

Use our DonorBox to donate with a credit card!

Don’t have a credit card? Monetary donations can alson be sent via EMT to:

We also accept cheque donations sent to:
PO Box 36180
5675 Spring Garden Road
Halifax Nova Scotia B3J 1G0

If you make a donation, or have made a donation in the past, we would love for you to fill out the google form below so we can keep you updated on the impact you have made. Click here:


If you would like to sign up to make a meal for our folks, please click here.

Physical Donations

Donations can be dropped off by arranging with our Shelter Coordinator. Email Chloe at

These are the donations we currently need:

TECHNOLOGY: Earphones, iPhone chargers, old phones that work well!

OUTSIDE GEAR: Sleeping bags, tarps, tents, lanterns, flashlights, camping chairs.

FOOD: Coffee, whitener, hot chocolate, granola bars, juice boxes, snack foods (we love pudding cups!). Allergies on site: coconut, peanuts, treenuts & seafood.

PERSONAL CARE: Tweezers, nail clippers, nail polish, makeup, hair elastics, hairbrushes, deodorant, earplugs. We are no longer taking shower supplies.

CLOTHING: Hoodies, sweatpants, stretchy gloves. New underwear, sports bras, socks and pajamas. Folks prefer boxers over briefs!


We are not currently accepting:

CLOTHING: Bags of clothing, coats, scarves or hats.

PERSONAL CARE: Soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste or any shower supplies.

KITCHEN: Dishes or any kitchen supplies!

LINENS: Blankets, sheets, pillowcases, any linens

OTHER: Mattresses, bulk food (ex: canned food), used socks & underwear, dress clothes, dress shoes.

If you have something you think we may need but is not on this list, please reach out to our Shelter Coordinator by texting (not calling) 902 809 6041 or emailing

Thank you to our partners and community of supporters and donors.

We couldn’t do this without you.